Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are disclosing the following information about how we handle your personal information. Whenever you contact us or use one of our services, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll treat your personal information with respect.

This message has a lot of depth. It’s easy to understand exactly what we do with your personal information if you pick the purpose for which it’s being processed.

The answer is:

  • The reason why we are able to handle your data
  • What we are doing with it for
  • It depends on how long we have it in our possession
  • What is the location of the data?
  • Whether or whether your personal information is shared with others
  • How many data processors we utilize
  • Automated decision-making or profiling can be done either way.
  • There are a few things you should know about the notification.

Visitors to our websites

Having a legal basis for data collection and use:

Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR, for example, when we ask for your permission to use optional cookies, or Article 6(1)(f) of the UK GDPR, which permits us to handle personal data where it is essential for the purposes of our legitimate interests, are the legal bases for processing your personal data. In order to keep track of how well our websites are performing and to search for ways to enhance them, we’ve implemented all of the following measures on them.


For the sake of regular internet log information and specifics on visitor behavior trends, we employ Google Analytics when you visit one of our websites. The information we get in this manner includes things like the total number of people who have visited each section of the site. All of this information is only used in a way that does not identify any individual. The visitors to our website are anonymous to us, and we do not enable Google to identify them.

We’ll be clear and honest if we gather any personal information through our website. When we gather personal information, we’ll be up up about it and explain what we plan to do with it.

Make sure you acquire permission from your parent or guardian if you’re under the age of 16.

On our Cookies page, you can learn more about how we use cookies. On our website, we employ a cookie mechanism that needs users to explicitly opt in. Non-essential cookies will be affected by this.

Your legal rights are as follows:

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data because it is in our legitimate interests, as described above. A justified objection may be rejected based on the reason we’re considering it.
If you reach out to us via our website, we’ll respond promptly.

We will only use your information to answer to your questions (if applicable).

Your personal data is processed on the basis of ‘legitimate interests’ in accordance with the law.
Using our online communities

In order to provide you with a forum service where individual postings may be responded to and monitored when appropriate, we process the personal data you supply.

When you join up for the forums, we get your agreement to handle your personal data as a legal basis for doing so.

We will keep your data for as long as you use the forums, and for up to three years after your last post, if you choose to delete your account. Users who have been inactive for a period of three years or longer will have their accounts removed.

On the forum, your entire name and e-mail address are not visible. When you submit personal information on our forum, it becomes available to the whole community. Third parties can access and gather this data by looking it up on the internet. We are not liable for the actions of third parties with respect to the information they collect.

We highly advise you to refrain from posting any information about yourself that might be used to track down or identify you when responding to a debate (such as your name, age, address, name of employer). If you submit any personal information on our forums or other public areas, we are not responsible for protecting that information.

Data processors.

Our forums are hosted by third-party data processors. AWS hosts them, and they comply with GDPR despite their location outside the UK.

People who contact our support helpline, email or livechat service

We do this because we need to:

In order to offer you with our services, we need to process your personal data. Occasionally, if you agree, we will share your personal information with another service provider in order to suggest you to another option.

Each time a caller consents, we record certain anonymous statistical information about the call in order to enhance our service and report back to the caller. Gender, age, income, and the specific ways in which the call has benefited you are all included in this survey. This data is never used to identify specific individuals. In our reports to the Data Controller and in our marketing materials, we utilize statistical data on callers to our helpline and other services that has been anonymized.

When you contact us by email or live chat, we use the information you supply (such as your name and email address) to reply to your inquiry. When you contact us, our staff has access to your email address.

Having a legal justification for doing so:

We use your information for our legitimate business purposes, or if you specifically ask us to refer you to another service, we do so with your permission.

Except in the following circumstances, we will not share your personal information with any other company.

We get a phone call or email telling us about terrorist activities or bomb threats.
To divulge information, we are required by court order.
You have granted us permission to share your information as part of our collaboration with another organization.
You pose a danger to the well-being of our agents on the phone, in email, and in live chat.
You are in a dangerous position, you have provided us with information that allows us to identify you, and you are unable to make your own decisions. All children under the age of 13 are affected, as well as some older children and adults. Whenever we have any concerns about an issue, we’ll always come to you first to talk about it.
You identify a person who has harmed or threatens to harm a child or elderly person by providing information about that person.
The length of time we preserve your personal information.

A maximum of 18 months is the maximum amount of time we will keep your personal information, after which time it will be erased. After 3 years, we remove emails and chat transcripts from our servers.

Using our community services

To better understand how LTE 100 Family Lives treats the personal information you and/or your family provide to us when using one of our services, please review the information in this area. Your provider will also tell you as to what happens to any personal data they have on you. Most of our work is done on behalf of a government agency (the Data Controller).

Your personal information includes your name, birth date, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We use this information to ensure that our services are tailored to your specific requirements.

The service offered to you, as well as case reports, plans and evaluations, will be documented.

The Data Controller’s legitimate interests are the legal basis for processing your personal data. The Data Controller has contracted us to offer this service, which necessitates our processing of your personal data in order to do so.
We will always ask for your permission before processing any “special category data” (e.g., your race or religion) concerning you.

What will you do with my information?

LTE 100 Family Lives’ internal system or online database is accessible exclusively by LTE 100 Family Lives personnel and volunteers. LTE 100 Family Lives may also keep a hardcopy copy of your information in a secure location. We use the Data Controller’s databases to store some of our data for some of our services. The Outcomes Star database and other systems we employ to track your progress, acquire your statistics, or review your experience with our service may also keep your data. This information will only be accessible to those who need it.

Is there any information we have about you that we don’t?

We get a lot of referrals from other organizations for many of our services. For further information about the data we may obtain about you and the people with whom we may share it, please see the information supplied by your service.

What are we going to do with your information?

For as long as you are using our services, we will retain and process your personal information. Some types of data will be retained for a longer period of time in LTE 100 Family Lives than others. Among them will be information stored for reporting reasons in compliance with our contractual duties and needs of our funders and for statistics records, service development and research in an anonymous form. When no longer needed, personal data is securely destroyed via LTE 100 Family Lives. Personal information will not be sold or rented to other organizations by LTE 100 Family Lives.

Your personal information may be shared or disclosed with third parties if we are required to do so by law or if there are legitimate concerns for your or your child’s safety and well-being. Most of the time, our contractors (the Data Controller) or funders are given anonymized data when they work with our company. The service provider may ask for particular information about an individual in certain situations. We will seek for your consent to disclose particular personal information in certain cases.

It is possible that we will collect, handle, and retain your personal information through third-party data processors in order to track and evaluate your usage of the service. These processors are protected by adequate safeguards.

Compliments and complaints

As soon as we get a customer complaint, we create a file with the complaint’s data. Any additional persons who may have been engaged in a complaint are usually included here.

Personal information we gather will only be used to handle the complaint and to ensure that we are providing a high quality of service. A number of complaints are compiled, but not in a form which may be used to identify individuals. Internally and with our funders, this information is kept strictly confidential.

In most cases, the complainant’s identify must be revealed to the person or organization to whom the complaint is addressed. Under a situation when a person’s record is in question, this is unavoidable. If a complainant does not want their identity to be made public, we will do our best to adhere to their wishes. However, an anonymous complaint may not be viable to resolve.

Complaint files will be kept in accordance with our retention policy. This implies that complaint information will be kept for two years after the complaint is closed. It will be kept in a safe location and only those who require it will have access to it.

Your rights to your data

We need to inform you of your rights under data protection legislation. The rights you have depend on the purpose for which we are collecting and using your personal information. The Information Commissioner’s Office website has further information about this.

You have the right to get a copy of your personal information from us. This is a fundamental right that can never be overridden. In some cases, we may not be able to provide you with every piece of information we handle.

You have the right to ask us to correct information that you believe to be incorrect. You are also entitled to request that we correct any information that you believe to be incorrect. This is a fundamental right that should never be waived.

If you’d want us to remove your personal information, you can request that we do so.

In some cases, you have the right to request that we restrict how we use your personal information.

If we are able to process your information because it is in our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to the processing.

It is only applicable to the information you have shared with us that you can export. Requests for the transfer of your personal information can be made by contacting us at any time. It only applies if we have your permission to use your information.
In line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations, you have the right to view the personal data that LTE 100 Family Lives possesses on you and to be provided access to your information within 30 days of your request. Personal information can be requested by emailing or writing to Data Controller, 48 Jubilee Drive in Cawood YO8 9JP United Kingdom.

This is completely free. If you can give us something about the nature of your relationship with us, such as what service you use or where you live, it will help us locate your information. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal information, please contact us here. You have the right to request that we change or remove any information that you believe to be incorrect. It’s possible that you’ll be questioned for identification documentation.

Your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

Complaints about how we handle your personal data can be made to the Information Commissioner. More information may be found on the ICO’s website.

Changes to this privacy notice

It is important to us that our privacy policies are up-to-date at all times. Individuals are informed of any new uses of their personal data prior to any new processing taking place, and we update our privacy information accordingly.

Last updated

In February 2021, this privacy notice was last updated.