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Family Lives

Together, we can build better families.

Are you or your children feeling overwhelmed?
Visit our wellbeing section for lots of advice and support
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The importance of communicating with teens
Online advice to help you strengthen the bond
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Anti bullying week
Free resources to help raise awareness of the impact of bullying
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What your teen needs from you
Advice on helping your teen prepare for adulthood
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Bullying advice

We've put up a section on bullying that covers everything from bullying in and out of school, to bullying online, to bullying at work.

Divorce and separation

If you are going through a divorce or a separation, please visit our section for supportive advice on things which might be worrying you and how you can support your children.

For families going through relationsahip breakdown mediation can offer valuable help especiallyif you have children. Barclay Devere mediation services

Clients share their experience

The degree of care, compassion, and understanding was once again exceptional in the lives of families. Thank you very much for your service! I highly suggest it to any other parents in need of assistance! Thank you for your kind words.
James Stinger
I had a wonderful conversation with a person of great importance to me this morning. Exactly what I was looking for in terms of advise and phone etiquette. Sincerely,
Amy Winter

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